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Kazerin and xlas adopt open by Akayesia
Kazerin and xlas adopt open
For $15
You'll get a larger unmarked file.

Excuse typos! These are still in the making .

Well xlas are, of course more active at night. Their colours range from darks to lights. The dark coloured xlas's like the cooler climates while the brighter ones like the tropical. It’s rare that xlas's can adapt to different climates. They usually die halfway there because they're unable to figure out ways to survive. Ones that are mixed with both colours can adapt, but again its rare since one side hardly reaches the other. They can only have a max of 5 or less colours.

Their diet consists of various fruits and veggies, sometimes their diet consists of fish and meats depending on where they live. The brighter xlas's tends to consist on veggies and fruits. Darker ones eat some fruits and vegetables, but also meat, fish or both.

They are very big on tree climbing which is why most of their homes are built in the canopy of forests. They love the night of the full moon as it’s a sign of rejoice and rebirth. That is the night where they glow brightest and also the night where they find a mate.
The males participate in dances of competitions with strength, ability to attract the others. Females can do the same.
Xlas's tend to reach the height of 7ft. Females are a little rounded at the hip but are small breasted. They don't breast feed a lot as most of the nutrients come from the moonlight regardless of their colours.
With the parents, the offspring are always different no matter what. They never resemble the parents which is why the x in xlas stands for xenogenesis.

The xlas, coming from the deeper, darker parts of the climate are usually the aggressive and dark coloured ones like dark blood reds and blacks. They also usually give off bad luck.
Most of them give off peaceful luck and good vibes though.
When travelers or people are lost, xlas secretly come out , but as some animal or anything that moves which is why the s in xlas stands for shapshifters. The xlas leave the orbs that float around then on the ground or air that then attract the traveler which then leads them to safety. The only time xlas reveal themselves is if anyone is in extreme danger.

The collars around their necks act as restraint to maintain their power and life. If its taken off the xlas, it can lose its sanity or even worse die. That consequence usually happens if they go against their tribe or something.
The lifespan of a xlas can last around 92 yrs. If very healthy, the max is around 120 yrs. The eldest is the tribe leader but they must show that they can or are meant to lead. They are open to anyone, but they mostly consist of about 20-25 people.
Xlas are not all furred. They are mostly human. The only fully furred part is the tail. The tail can maintain some feathers or horns. Some fur can be around their legs or shoulder, or smaller parts of the body.Some also walk on their toes like digigrade or plantigrade.
Xlas participate in a lot of light dancing. When a xlas dies, they hardly mourn, but instead sing and dance to celebrate the long vivid life they had with them.

Kazerins are somewhat the horses of xlas
They are known as "dancers of wind"
It is said that when one notices or comes face to face with a kazerin, its a sign
of good winds and harvest. Some winds are known to have a slight tune from them, which is the lonely cry of a Kazerin. They do enjoy singing.
Love is beautiful by Akayesia
Love is beautiful
My first DTA ever and so many hours because I'm really attracted to this character like....I cannot explain. He's up there with my kaworu baby. I will produce more information on him and abuse him with love and //whispersacosplay  if I win. I want this guy so bad //grunts loudly

Name: Kaliko( Kah-lee-koh)  meaning "beautiful bud"

Gender: Male

Orientation: Pansexual He accepts everyone!

Personality: Free, caring, protector, bright, is hardly angered. 

Background: Kaliko will always try to see the good in everything to make things less stressful and negative. Being born in a small meadow on the island and the various colours of his mane and hair, he recieved the name Kaliko the "beautiful bud". The various hues on him have attracted many, making him quite known on the island as "one of a kind" . He is not the violent type, but when his or his friends lives are in danger, he will act quickly and viciously. He flies freely, enjoying the atmosphere and little friends that soar around him. He is willing to aid anyone in need  of assistance or comfort without wanting anything in return. What he enjoys most is spending time with the butterflies and dancing across the seas, especially during the night. 

On special occassions  when the nights become as colourful as him, he produces a dance with his insect friends, showing his colours and pride to the world. His dance is to show that anyone and everyone is beautiful no matter who you are. He uses various paints with mixtures of berries to paint a heart after the dance. Many come to his dance in awe and with inspiration and courage. It is said that his dance have helped many during times of hardship when they weren't accepted. Love is love and it is beautiful.


Akayesia's Profile Picture
Asian Dumpling NeAA or Akay(47)
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I go by Alycia, Akayesia,Akay(47) NeAA,Asian dumpling,bro,dumpster truck, etc.
I'm in freaking Texas
I'm a Preskitarian (one who eat's from the sea" NO MEAT

Uh people call me a furry. I fursuit for entertainment, events, charities and nothing more/ //flexes

I look like I'm under 21, but I'm not.
I like Free! Iwaotbi swim club, ATTACK ON TITAN~ , black butler , Evangelion and much more~~~
I'm told I'm amazing and fun to be around with, but I don't believe so.
I love cats and I own a waifu figure named Kaworu from Evangelion.
I dig boys and the BL game DRMAtical murder.
I'm very awkward at conventions and people have to push me in order to get pics with people and the cosplayers find it hilarious.
I'm called a blasian because of my eyes.
Apparently I'm not black no matter what I do.

I like these icons
:iconsquatsplz: "Squats~" :iconoldspiceguy:

Inspiring artist
:iconlehuss: and :iconyuumei:

I don't understand why I'm still on here. I remember back in 2007 I was everywhere and talked to a bunch of people. 

Now it's just a wasteland haha. I only have like 300 watchers but on the furry site I have 1400 and going and everyone talks to me.

I post human work over there and everyone enjoys it so I may fully move over there.

We shall see what happens. 

*Akay Out 
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